Breathing New Life into Your Loved Items

Accepting Dontations for
Repair or Repurposing
and Rehoming

Don't feel sad throwing out that loved item just because a piece of plastic broke or the electronics gave up...
Donate it to New Life Repairs and we'll fix it up or find a use for the good parts!

What We Accept


If it uses batteries or plugs-in then it's likely accepted! Power brick, cord, and all, please!

Household Items

If it'd be worth $35++ once repaired or it contains a fair amount of reusable parts, yes please!


Not really our thing, but maybe depending on the size and our available space!


If it doesn't work, we'll scavenge the good parts from it, but you may have to dispose of the remains?

  • Electronics Repair
  • Plastic Part Mending
  • Printed Replacement Parts
  • Disassembly, Cleaning, and Reassembly
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choose images
  • Develop and Build Your Own Creations!
  • 3D Design and Printing
  • Electronics Design and Development
  • Microcontroller Programming
  • Turn Your Ideas into Reality!
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